Hi everyone, VR electrical training is progressing well.

I have had my first try using both Google cardboard and Oculus Rift.
One word: Awesome!

Currently our development is concentrating on the workshop area where you receive instructions, select tools, materials and PPE for the job.

The actual experience is exciting, as I am used to looking at this resource from a 2d game perspective and now to be standing in the room selecting the different items, reviewing the plans, estimating and creating lists etc., is so much more interesting and interactive.

I am working with my team on creating more realistic assets. (drums of cable, accessories, tools etc)

My interest now lies in demonstrating underpinning knowledge by “doing” things.
For example: The task is to install a domestic meter box.

The student needs to access the plans to find:

  • The location
  • The type of meter box
  • The fixing requirements
  • The switchboard accessories like Main switch and ELCB
  • Conduit requirements
  • Mains Cable
  • Earth cable
  • Earth stake and clip

After determining the size and type of the fixing device, they would need to select:

  • The correct drill bit
  • The correct Drill for the job
  • Any additional tools
  • PPE for the job.

Once they go to site they would:

  • Access the plans to determine the location
  • Select the drill and drill bit
  • Locate the fixing hole.
  • Add the fixing device,
  • Place the meter box,
  • Then fit off fixing devices
  • Mount conduits
  • Install earth stake
  • Connect up switchboard for temporary power

On the list goes…

All of these events are essentially underpinning knowledge assessments and can be mapped back to multiple units of competency.
When assessing using actual tasks, there is some possibilities for different interpretations but the selections made (answers to questions) will determine the path and the correct decisions therefore assessment occurs even though student might approach it differently.

The question arises do we need a summative assessment when assessment is carried out in this manner?

– Graham

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