We mentioned the other week that this September Graham Rodgers will be speaking at the VELG conference. He will be presenting his thoughts on “An organic look at Units of Competency”, and will be doing this talk in a Virtual Reality classroom!

Virtual Classroom Prototype

This talk will be a prototype of another exciting VR project our company is working on – “Virtual Classroom”. Now, if the first thing you think of is using VR in a standard classroom setting, then you’re not alone, but that’s not what Virtual Classroom is about. Virtual Classroom is a virtual space which you can invite students to. You can sit in you office, they could be at home, or on the job site, or in the library. It is a virtual space where you can discuss and demonstrate content relevant to the student’s training, and students can observe and ask questions. The virtual environment is then used by the student who can apply what they’ve just learnt, or the things they’ve learnt in the classroom or on the job, to VR tasks that are relevant to their qualification.

Wait, Can You Give Me An Example?

Sure! Imagine there’s a VR space of a childcare centre. Students can enter the VR classroom and watch a trainer talk to a parent, facilitate a game for the children, or prepare a safe space in the kitchen to make play dough. In this VR space they can discuss what they’re learning with other students who are in the VR space with them, or then practice scenarios and skills.

Another VR scenario might be an automotive workshop where the trainer discusses and demonstrates the repair of an alternator and then the students can practice the same task and demonstrate their level or understand and skill. All this practical experience without putting expensive equipment at risk.

VR = Effective Training Opportunities

Combine this approach with  workplace evidence gathered on the job via My Profiling and you have discovered the most effective training and delivery strategy in Australia.

RTOs and TAFEs interested in being part of the trial phase of this project are welcome to register their interest. Phone us, or send an email to talia@elearningaustralia.net.au