VR Training Resource for Electrical students - demo

Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing plenty more about an exciting new VR training resource we’ve been working on. I wanted to give you a little heads up about it now, so you know what to expect! Next week I’ll be able to share a video with you of our progress so far.

VR Training Resource

We’re creating a VR Training Resource (Virtual Reality) to help electrical apprentices with their training, which allows them to combine theory and practice even before they have experience for “real life” tools and equipment. The VR training resource allows a student to participate in day-to-day tasks in a virtual world. Learning material is accessed on an “as need” basis which is controlled by the student.

You can even assess in the VR experience. Assessment takes place during the events either through direct questioning or demonstration of understanding by application. The student can access different levels of support depending on the tasks they are doing and their personal understanding of the task and knowledge required.

A points system is included to reward student progress, and students can opt in or out of a “leader board”, which would track their progress against their friends, classmates, and other apprentices around the country.

How Do We Use The VR Resource?

We anticipate that this resource will be available as a downloadable app to a smart phone so that students can use cost effective VR hardware like Vive or Gear.

VR head wear is becoming more and more accessible price wise, and it is likely that in the near future many TAFEs or RTOs will have their own VR setups for students to use. I know that many of our friends are starting the process of setting up their personal VR setups at home, which is another way students can access the resource.

How Can I Get Involved?

As part of our commitment to best practice, and quality of work, we are looking for beta testers. If you are a student who would like to beta test this product, then leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

If you’re part of an RTO or TAFE that delivers electrical training, then we would love your contribution as well! You can contribute to both the knowledge aspect of the VR Training Resource, as well as to the assessment material. We would like to formally thank Canberra Institute of Technology as they are active participants in this project and are contributing to our knowledge and assessments. If you or your RTO/TAFE would also like to be involved, please give us a call or leave a comment.

If you’d just like to stay updated on this project, you can sign up for updates here.